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The Casa Gigli estate in Castellino is made up of three houses.

The mainor house, wich is called Casa Gigli, a former cowshed, as well as a former farmhouse. 

The mainor house was built up in 1488.

The eponym of the house is the author Lorenzo Gigli, who was born and raised in Castellino.

Following Giglis dead the house was used as a mill and later on as a elementary school.

The farmers house was built up in 1533, followed by the cowshed in 1756.

Nowerdays we host art exibitions as well as group workshops in the mainor house.

The former farmers house houses a Bed & Breakfast since 2016.

While you can find appartments in the former cowshed, if you are interested for a longer stay.

Apart of that the former cowshed houses our brewery.



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