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The area

Castellino is a small village in the midst of the apenine mountains not far from tuscanys borders.

In Castellino you will find  a very beautiful nature, perfect if you are in need of a relaxing holiday.

A part of a spring directly in front of the door and a stunning panorama you won't find much in Castellino.

So if you would like to come to rest,

Casa Gigli is the peprfect place for you .


You can go for a stroll in Castellinos hills and woods or you can also hike in the nearby rocks.

Apart from that you can stroll trough the historic towns in the surronding area.  


At the farmers markets and in little shops you can taste and try the regional specialities as Prosciutto di parma, Parmiggiano reggiano, Lambrusco or L'aceto Balsamico.

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